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Part of success of our restaurant is due to Pellestrina, the island we live in.Infact it offers a wide range of fresh fish from the Venetian lagoon thai is very appreciated and loved.

Pellestrina is a small island near Venice and a lot of people love it! They say it looks like a Paradise out of the world because of its incredible peace;here visitors can find the relax they are not able to get in everyday busy life.Moreover, they are fascinated by the beautiful sunsets and the pretty multi-coloured little houses; all the scenery causes in the tourists a lot of emotions which they will keep in their heart for a long time!

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Among colours and emotions

Something about Pellestrina...

Relax and beach

If you are in Pellestrina for the first time, we reccomend you to get here by bycicle because it is very simple to go all through the island and you can take your time to see the local things to the best.

Another reason to make your tour exciting is that there is also a beach.The seaside is beyond the big sea-wall called “Murazzo” that runs along the island, so that if it is very hot you can go for a swim in our lovely sea. It is completely free; I mean if you want to lie on the beach and sunbathe you will not have to pay for anything.

Events in the island

As most people knows, Pellestrina is visited especially during summer season because of the good fish, the sandy beach, the terrific colours of the landscape and so on...

In addition to these things, also consider thai in summer time several kinds of events and celebrations are organised by the inhabitants of Pellestrina. The most important of those is the festival of the “Madonna dell’Apparizione”, from the second half of July to the 4th August; where for the occasion some religious functions, little concerts and sports events are held every day.

Other important celebrations are the festival of St. Antonio in the first half of June, the festival of St. Pietro in the second half of June and the festival of Portosecco in the second and third weeks of August.

The shrine of our Lady of the Apparition