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In the beginning seemed almost a game…

Before 1986 Celeste had worked in a shipyard in Venice together with his nephew Mirco; they did some mechanical works.

At that time in Italy there was a big crisis that concerned the maritime field as well, including the shipyard of Venice.

Celeste had previously worked as a waiter in several Venetian restaurants and in his occupation he distinguished himself for he had showed inborn, extraordinary qualities that went over the character of being just a mere weiter like others. From that time on, Mirco started to appear on the scene...

Duringbeak time Mirco used to talk with his uncle Celeste and asked him:“ Celeste, why don’t we open a restaurant ourselves?”

Celeste’s answer was:” What do you want to do? I mean, What do you know about life in a restaurant?”

To him Mirco used to reply willingly “I trust you,Celeste. You were born for this job and I’m sure that you and I could do great things togheter!”

And this is how the adventure of the restaurant “Celeste’s” began...

Actually some days later Celeste and Mirco decided to run a little restaurant in Pellestrina called San Marco,  then they trained the team with the help of Rossano - Celeste’s youngest son - and Gratiano - another of Celeste’s nephews - togheter with other family people; most of whom had no restaurant experience but were ready to take part to this new challenge of their lives.

First , Celeste decided the roles these relatives had to play; Mirco - a mechanic - would be a cook, Gratiano and celeste would serve at tables as weiters while Rossano would become a bar tender.

In the beginning the team had great difficulty, but in the course of time, with a lot of determination,will-power and the singular cleverness of Celeste, they managed to go through unexperienced gaps and change from simple workers to great masters in their field.

Year after year from a mere tavern, the restaurant evolved and gots its culinary identity, made by a typical Venetian cousine sometimes revisited by personal touches and ideas on the traditional recipes.

Unfortunately, in 2004, Celeste died but nowadays his activity is worthily carried out by his son Rossano and the nephews Mirco and Gratiano, and I would also say with success; since finally this restaurant represents Celeste’s strong desire to have his dream fulfilled.

In the beginning seemed almost a game...

“Is not important if you are an entrepreneur , a doctor, or a gardener, the most important thing is how you do your job.Because a man who works with his hands is a worker, man who works with his hands and his head is an artisan, man who works with his hands, his head and his heart has decided to pick up the most important things of  his life.”